Ground Works

Ground Works

The Construction Begins!

The initial plan was to build a Roll off Roof observatory on this patio and use my CGX mount tripod. But then a concrete pier seemed like a good idea.

So the adjacent border was cleared and the location moved to include a good place to dig a 600mm x 600mm x 600mm hole in the ground for the pier base. 

The first half of the dig was quite easy. The second 300mm was heavy clay.

I left the old fence post support in place to avoid disturbing the ground too much.

Direction to true North from the centre of the pier marked using and the shadows of a couple of sticks with the sun at the meridian. 

Ground levelled some more. Redundant brickwork removed and old tree stump dug out. There was only 8" of that thing sticking out of the ground, I didn't realise it was so big! Had to pull it with a ratchet strap looped around the concrete fence post. The hose pipe feeds a tap at the end of the garden, It might be wise to take that out!

Rebar sections assembled, if the rain holds off tomorrow I'm hoping to get the shuttering finished. Then I just need the brake disk delivered and we will be ready for the concrete pour. Thought I might work out the pier height again before I cut the pipe and pour the concrete, that needs to be right!