The Interior

The Interior

Got a floor now! Got a temporary table too which will get replaced by a fixed desk. But I can get up and running with the laptop.

I need to get the mains cable and Cat 5 cables in from the garage next. 

I've got a pier that's sprayed black, a mounted mount with a telescope on it and it's a clear night tonight!  

So here's the inside. There's two runs of mini trunking. One for 230V and one for 12V and comms. The big white box is my cardboard and duct tape flat frame box. It's mounted on hinges to swing out to the telescope when in the parked position. Its 12V supply comes from variable output on the Pegasus PPB sitting on top of the pier, so that I can control it from within NINA. The small white box will house a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor. I need to drill some holes in it! The medium box will house two Arduinos and two relays. The two conduits to the right are for the security camera and the supply to the roof motor. The low level shelf hides cables and provides somewhere for the 12V bench supply.  

Also comes in red!

I bought a sheet of 2mm rubber and cut an 8" hole in it. Makes a nice seal!

Wilson the apprentice astronomer Cocker likes it!

I bought a cheap solar powered extract fan to suck out the hot air when the sun shines. It does the job!

The rubber matting is on the floor and the new Mono camera is on the telescope. We're ready to go!