Astronomy Web Sites

Useful Astronomy Web Sites


The Sky Searchers ForumThe friendliest Astronomy Forum on the Web!

In The Sky - Guide to the Night Sky and Astronomical Events

Heavens Above - Satellite and Astro Events Tracker

The Sky LiveGuide to Night Sky Current Events

ISS Transit Finder - Find out where and when to see the ISS 

Light Pollution Map - Search for a good dark sky

Global Jet Stream Forecast - See where the Jet Stream is overhead

RAS - The Royal Astronomical Society

ROG - Royal Observatory Greenwich 

Stellerium - Planetarium

Cartes Du Ciel - Planetarium

Time and Date - Astro Events 

Clear Outside - Astronomy Weather Forecasts 

Space Flight Now 

Astrophotography Web Sites

NASA APOD - Who doesn't like the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day!

N.I.N.A. - Nighttime Imaging and Astrophotography

APT - Astrophotography Tool

SharpCap - Lunar, Planetary and Solar Imaging

PixInsight - Astro Image Processing 

Astrobin - Image Hosting Platform 

Telescope Web Sites

Gaia - The official ESA Gaia mission website

Fermi - NASA Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Chandra X-ray Observatory

VLT - The ESA Very Large Telescope

ELT - The ESA Extra Large Telescope

AWO - Avery Way Observatory

Hubble Space Telescope - The official NASA Hubble Website

JWST - The official NASA JWST Website

Jodwell Bank - Grade I listed Lovell Telescope

SKAO - The Square Kilometre Array Observatory

EHT - The Event Horizon Telescope

Cassini–Huygens - The official NASA Cassini mission Website

Juno - The official NASA Juno mission Website


Gong - National Solar Observatory Global Oscillation Network Group

SDO - Solar Dynamics Observatory

SOHO - Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Space Weather - News and Information about the Earth Sun Environment

Parker Solar Probe - Humanity’s First Visit to a Star


Moon Map - Antonin Rukl's Atlas of the Moon

NASA Science - Earth's Moon

NASA Artemis Programme

National Space Agencies

UK Space Agency


European Space Agency


China National Space Administration

Indian Space Research Organisation

Astronomy Podcasts

Awesome Astronomy Podcast

Universe Today 

Ask A Spaceman

RAS Supermassive Podcast

Greenwich Royal Observatory Look Up

Sky at Night Magazine

Planetary Society