Galaxy Images

The Draco Triplet

The Draco Triplet 

NGC5985, NGC5982, NGC5981



Galaxy Cluster

I captured almost 6 hours of LRGB but blinked it down to 2 hours 36 minutes by the time I got rid of the clouds, the condensation and the satellites.

It was a bit of a practice run. In May I'm going camping for a couple of nights in the middle of nowhere, central East Sussex, as a guest of the Orpington Astronomical Society. I've got the Coma Cluster on my list of potential targets.

The Fireworks Galaxy

NGC6946 - Spiral Galaxy

Caldwell 12



Here's Caldwell 12, NGC6946, the Fireworks galaxy. Captured over three nights this week and last week, each time packing up before the night was over, due to the high humidity causing USB connections failures!

My last attempt at this target was a couple of years ago on fireworks night!

This galaxy was one of the targets in the TSS Monthly Challenge. It also won the TSS APOD award for 11/09/23

The Core of M31 - New Mono Camera First Light Image

NGC 224

Messier 31

Spiral Galaxy 



4 x luminance, 4 x red, 4 x green and 4 x blue at 180 seconds

Here's the First Light image using my new ASI1600MM and LRGB filters. It's also the first LRGB image I've captured or processed. It's also the first image I've captured with the newly re-greased CGX. 

With my mount uncertainties, I chose M31, or to be more specific, the core of M31 as it's viewable from astronomical dusk to dawn without requiring a meridian flip. I set up a simple NINA sequence with no dithering, repeating until astronomical dawn. I kept it a bit too simple, I forgot to add a line for the auto focus routine! The mount took a couple of hours of calibrating and guiding assistant tweaking before it was happy to go. The guiding was poor all night, caused either by my sickly mount or the sickly seeing sitting directly under the jet stream as southern England was on the 19th. Or a combination of both.

Processed in Pixinsight after watching The Lazy Geek's My Simple LRGB Processing Workflow, an excellent tutorial.

Messier 101 + SN2023ixf

NGC 5457

Messier 101 + SN2023ixf

Spiral Galaxy and Supervova 

Ursa Major


64 x 60 seconds unguided

A supernova was spotted in the Pinwheel Galaxy which was the incentive to capture my unfinished observatory first light image. I didn't manage to get the guide camera focussed so this is composed from 60 second unguided images. The supernova is at 10 o'clock at the start of the spiral arm. It's my first capture since August last year, a hiatus due to undergoing and recovering from radiotherapy. It's great to be back in the game!

Needle Galaxy

NGC 4565


Edge on Spiral Galaxy

Coma Berenices


55 x 180 seconds

First time using heated dew ring. Also flocked the inside of the OTA whilst the corrector plate was off.

Camelopardalis Galaxy

NGC 2403

Caldwell 7

Spiral Galaxy



40 x 240 seconds

Lots of star forming regions. Needs more subs to bring out the outer spiral arms. An Awesome Astronomy suggestion.

Pinwheel Galaxy

NGC 5457

Messier 101

Spiral Galaxy

Ursa Major


20 x 300 seconds

First time using NINA Three Point Polar Align. Still got a soft focus and periphery aberration.

Leo Galaxy

NGC 2903

UGC 5079

Spiral Galaxy



18 x 240 seconds

A Sky at Night Magazine suggestion. First time sitting in the warm using TeamViewer!

Coma Berenices Galaxy

NGC 4321

Messier 100

Spiral Galaxy

Coma Berenices


100 x 120 seconds

First 3 hour exposure. First automated meridian flip. First PixInsight Processed image. New favourite galaxy image! I tried 180 gain and it has come out a bit noisy. The Sky Searchers forum 06/09/21 APOD

Fireworks Galaxy

NGC 6205

Caldwell 12

Spiral Galaxy



12 x 240 seconds

The Fireworks Galaxy, captured on Fireworks Night! It was a bit too windy for astrophotography.

Triangulum Galaxy

NGC 598

Messier 33

Spiral Galaxy



20 x 180 seconds

ZWO ASI 294MC Pro first light. 180 second exposures doesn't quite work with this one!

Bodes Galaxy

NGC 3031

Messier 81

Spiral Galaxy

Ursa Major


10 x 240 seconds

Canon sensor at 29°C. Should have another go at this target with the ASI294.

M61 Supernova

NGC 6205

Messier 61




10 x 300 seconds

Triangulum Galaxy

NGC 598

Messier 33

Spiral Nebula



Superman Galaxy

NGC 6960

Caldwell 44

Spiral Galaxy